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We'd like to show inside of Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, where the HQ and the production studios are located.The KONAMI Brand products are born from these advanced working environments.

The entrance hall at Tokyo Midtown East pleasantly welcomes guests in an elegant atmosphere.
The receptionist, proudly representing KONAMI, greets visitors to the complex.
An expansive lobby with meeting rooms along the side, are aligned through the hallway.
Development Studios
KONAMI produces various titles, such as the famous "METAL GEAR" Series,
Social Media Content "Dragon Collection" and so on.
Sound Studio
An exclusive sound studio is prepared for recording and editing sound effects, BGM and narrations for KONAMI's diverse game titles.
Motion Capture Studio
3D motion graphics with reality for the METAL GEAR Series and the Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer Series
are collected here in the motion capture studio.
Communication Zone
An open space that provides a relaxing atmosphere and joyful time with your peers.